I Keep Up With My Dental Health, So Why Does My Breath Stink?

Are you keeping up with your oral health but still experiencing issues with bad breath? Read our blog post to find out what might be contributing to this issue.

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Does A Chipped Tooth Count As A Dental Emergency?

Learn how to take care of your chipped tooth and why it is considered a dental emergency in Smileform Dentistry's newest blog post.

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What Is Considered To Be A Dental Emergency? The 5 Most Common Emergencies

Accidents happen. And when you’re having a dental emergency, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. But you may be wondering. What’s really considered to be a dental emergency? To find out, learn more about the five most common dental emergencies.

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Can I Drink Coffee While Wearing My Invisalign Trays? No – And Here’s Why!

Worried that you can't drink coffee with Invisalign in? Learn about what foods and drinks you should avoid with Invisalign in this blog post.

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How Long Do Veneers Last?

Interested in Veneers and want to learn more? Here's the answers to all all of your questions!

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Why Do My Kid’s Teeth Look Yellow? Should I Be Worried?

Have you noticed your kids teeth look yellow? Learn more about what factors are contributing to this issue.

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Is a Root Canal a Dental Emergency?

Learn more about the signs to look out for if you think you might need a root canal, and what the process of getting a root canal looks like.

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Chipped A Dental Crown? Here's What To Do

Have you recently chipped a dental crown and aren't sure what to do? Smileform Dentistry has you covered! Read to learn more about dental crowns and solutions for a chipped crown.

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Benefits of Dental Sealants

Learn more about the benefits of dental sealants and determining if they are right for you!

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